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Banjo setup

Welcome to the setup page.  Many of my customers buy new and used banjos. It is very rare that a shop brought banjo is setup correctly and the customer has no idea as we believe it must be right because it came from a shop that sells banjos. Banjos are not guitars and must be setup correctly by somebody that knows banjos. I have a full understanding of banjo setup and I will share what I have learn't with you.

Banjos have so many adjustments from the tuner buttons to the tailpiece which will affect overall sound such as sustain, overtones, wolf notes, action height, buzzing, the list goes on. I think the banjo is the most adjusted instrument on the planet.


You can book a time with me and sit in my shop as I work on your banjo and explain in detail what I am doing and why. Once you understand what all the adjustments do, you then can make your own adjustments to obtain a sound you like. I will set your banjo up to suit the type of music you play or the style you play such as clawhammer, frailing, Scruggs or guitar style.

I look forward to you helping you.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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