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Glenn Miller- Banjo teacher USA-http://www.pickersacademy.com

Over the years Glenn Miller has become what I call a close friend even though we have never met. Only via the internet and webcam. We have had some funny moments and even shared beers if thats possible by webcam. Glenn has a very interesting history including playing with Bill Monroe. His website has all these stories to tell if you visit.

What I love is you can get a lesson via website anytime of the day or night. Most of us have busy lives and limited time so this is a great option.

Here is a sample of what Glenn does.  


Peter Somerville-Banjo teacher-musican-Melbourne Australia

Peter Somerville is another beautiful talented person I am lucky to know.

Over the years Peter has been very supportive and incouraging and I am only happy to advertise for him here. Check him out.

contacts -0439490716

Jim Golding-Banjo teacher-musician-Melbourne Australia

I just keep meeting the right people in life. Jim is another beautiful man playing banjo and teaching. Also very incouraging and kind to me. Jim is an icon and does a lot for our bluegrass community.

Check this out http://australianbluegrass.com/index.php/new-mountain-pickers-association-in-victoria/

Jim Golding Emaii

[email protected]



David Aumann-Instrument builder-Musician-Melbourne Australia

I might sound like a broken record but David is another beautiful talented man that has crossed my path in life. I must tell this story. I wanted a new guitar and found one I liked but I could not hand over the $2000+ because it was built in China. Very nice guitar but I had a block in my brain maybe because I built banjos, I thought it is factory made and I dont know who made it. I remember David made Ukuleles, mandolins, guitars so I called him and went to his house. He had 3 or 4 50% built. I wanted something different and I saw one with Tiricote back and sides, red spruce top, I requested a mahogany neck. I will have it soon and I am soo happy to have a handmade custom guitar from somebody I know.

To be continued...............

Email me while I get permission to post contact details.

Burrinja Cafe-Place of music and good people

I have only been once to play with Mojo but on the night I got to ill with some virus so I never got to play but the talent there was very very good before I had to go. http://www.facebook.com/#!/burrinjacafeevents

Frank Scholtz    Location Mornington Peninsula

Frank is a well known Earl Scruggs player who can get you sounding like Earl quick smart.

Email me for contact details.