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Leon built me a brand new open back that i could not be more pleased with , the quality in the work is first class , he is very easy to deal with . Every thing about the banjo is perfect. Leons rims and hardware setup are spot on . the price was very good .it plays and sounds excellent . when you pick up the banjo you can see and feel the effort and love  put in to building it . Thanks really really good job. cheers Ian

My name is Paul Waxman from South Australia
Leon has put up with all my requests to build rims, change tonering, make bridges, carry out setups on many of my banjos I collect and has even imported a banjo from USA for me as well as buy parts I find on the web in America. Very helpful and his work is first rate.

My Deering Eagle developed an annoying buzz - Leon pulled the thing apart adjusted the head, neck and bridge; changed the strings and VIOLA! -- no more buzz. I jammed on the weekend and comments were made about my banjo's nice, crisper, louder tone. Thanks 

Leon transformed my banjo! I have a Washburn banjo. Leon stripped it down, Tightened and tweaked all that needed doing, put it back together, tightened the head, restrung with slightly heavier strings, (which warmed the tone) polished and leveled the frets, set the action......I watched all this, nearly three hours of learning so much and seeing first hand what he was doing and what he does best. I have one statement to make, if you have a banjo, if you're thinking of buying a banjo, SPEAK TO THis GUY FIRST!!!!!!

Dave T





I bought a new banjo via internet from a well known shop. The banjo arrived and the bridge was is in case pocket and I have no idea, so I found Leon on the internet and read about the work he was doing. I asked for him to set it up. He checked the banjo over and found the neck was cracked. He charged me nothing for his time that night. 5 months later I got another banjo under warranty and it arrived the same way with no bridge fitted. Leon checked it over and found nuts fallen off in the back, loose head, and the rods too loose causing poor neck fit. He stripped the banjo in front of me and he couldn't remove the tonering. He said that should slip off for best performance. 10 mins later the wood rim was on the lathe and machined to fit the tonering. The banjo was put back together and the bridge was set so it would play in tune on all frets. Wow I now have a banjo that works and is louder than my neighbours stereo.  To top it off he gave me a discount for being a student. Thanks Leon.

Cheers thanks to you all for your support.
I have a lot more testimonies  from happy customers. Sounds too good to true? You will have to find out for yourself :)
Happy pickin Leon Reihana